Pastes and Gels

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  • These are used in conservation lands
  • They both target wallabies, whilst pastes also target possums, goats, rabbits and wasps. Gels also target feral goats and deer.
  • Pastes are usually applied on raised earth "spits", or in bait stations.
  • Some pastes are put on leaves so that animals such as feral goats can be targeted.
  • Positives
    • From a farming perspective, 'spits' that remain after a certain period of time are simply overturned and buried before stock return to the treated area.
    • Pastes are easily degrade by soil microbes into harmless by-products.
    • Pastes are easily distributed as they are exerted using an applicator gun.
  • Negatives
    • In areas with a high pest population there is a need for constant replacement of the gel or paste, demanding vast labour.
    • Bad weather has the potential to wash away the gels or pastes.

(Green, 2004)

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